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Your daily drip has received an exciting upgrade. Welcome to the launch of our first ever KJFITCO #DailyDrip App!


  • WE ARE FUN: Unique and customized full body functional training workouts guaranteed to leave you sweating, challenged and entertained. 

  • WE ARE ACCESSIBLE: Progressions and regressions offered to meet each individual where they're at on their fitness journey. Workouts available utilizing body weight and/or equipment. 

  • WE GENUINELY CARE: and are willing to answer ANY and all fitness and wellness questions. Our goal is to provide you a space where you become a better version of yourself. 

  • WE GET RESULTS: Our clients report not only physical but mental and emotional improvements with regular completion of our workouts.

  • WE LISTEN: all feedback is welcome and valued. 


Instructions for

First things first, head over to From there, you'll be instructed to create your daily drip profile.


After creating your profile, you'll be prompted to finish by entering a form of payment, but don't worry, enter the promo code "DAILYDRIP2022" and your first 30 days are on us.


Before the 30 days are up, we will send out a reminder email that the promotional period is ending prior to being charged for the second month.

We hope you enjoy this app as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

For now, go getchu some.

Instructions for Adding to Home Screen

Unlike typical mobile applications, the Daily Drip app is unique and can be added to your home screen by following these steps:


For IOS: 

Using the Safari browser on your phone, head to From there, open the share option and scroll down to "Add to Home Screen."

For Android:

Using any browser, head to From there, open the share option and tap "Add to Home Screen"

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