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Youth Sport Specific Training

About Sport-Specific Training:

Investing in the finer details can transform good athletes into exceptional ones. We focus on refining movement patterns, like consciously engaging glute muscles during a jump for increased power and jump height. Our training focuses on honing these finer points to make them instinctive on the field/court. 

Key Training Objectives:


1. Injury Prevention: Enhance stability, trunk strength, ankle stability, foot strength, and mobility to minimize injuries and maximize performance.


2. Building Team Comradery: Utilize partner and team drills to foster maximum potential and cultivate a strong team culture throughout the season. 

3. Field/Court-Relevant Movements: Incorporate multi-planar movements with loaded patterns to mimic on-field/court actions, promoting agility and strength.


4. Holistic Training: Employ compound movements that integrate the entire body, enhancing strength, stability, range of motion, speed, agility, and cardiovascular function.

Athletic Directors, Coaches, and/or Parents, please fill out the contact form below for more information or as a first step to begin training.

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