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To create community and inspire action through intentional focus, passion, and energy for the longevity of health.

Health and fitness are mental games. The KJFITCO creative approach is centered on education that keeps clients both mentally and physically engaged. Following every session, it is our goal for clients to leave feeling more empowered, more educated, and stronger than when they came in. With more than 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry, it's the KJFITCO commitment to provide our clients with a completely customized experience focused on results regardless of working one-on-one, in a group, in-person, or virtually. 

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KJFITCO Daily Drip group training. Full body functional fitness.


Your space, your pace. Whether a professional athlete, group fitness enthusiast, or an exercise beginner, KJFITCO is the space for you. We deliver a unique functional training method with movements that transfer over into the physicality of life. You stay entertained and motivated with a brand new workout every class. Sign up for DailyDrip Group Training to become a better version of yourself, a better friend, a better spouse, a better leader, and a better contributor to our dynamic world.


Small group daily drip training with hyper ropes.

Small Group Training

In-person group training classes are capped at 10 participants all working towards the same goal of optimizing performance in a strategic manner.

Individualized personal one on one full body strength training with resistance bands

Personal Training

We take pride in our ability to customize your program whether you are with us in person, virtually, one-on-one, or in a group.

Youth sport specific athletic training. Full body functional fitness.

Sport Specific Training

Investing in the finer details can transform good athletes into exceptional ones. We focus on refining movement patterns, like consciously engaging glute muscles during a jump for increased power and jump height.

Personal training turf, weight room and space rental.

Space Rental

We offer reasonable pricing for personal training space rental to empower you to build on your own personal brand.

Being in the NFL, it may seem like there’s an off-season, but working out and keeping in shape is year round. Kam has contributed greatly to keeping me in shape during a few of my off seasons in Minnesota. Kam goes by no book - he knows this stuff inside and out and creates workouts that will keep you on your toes and interested (all while out of breath). Workouts with Kam are a challenge but will have you feeling like you accomplished your goal that day. If you want to get in your best shape and are willing to go that extra mile, Kam is your guy!

Trae Waynes, NFL Defensive Back

KJFITCO DailyDrip online coaching. App screen examples

Online Coaching Doesn't Disappoint.

Whether you have been looking for the right moment to join the #dailydrip or you are a current client, we are sure online coaching will help elevate your fitness and wellness!

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14600 Martin Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344

(763) 218-3163

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